Real Estate Economics and Public Finance

Development Research Partners provides analysis and strategy for infill redevelopment, adaptive reuses, and property development including market and feasibility studies, public investment analysis, and public-private partnering opportunities.

Recent Projects include:

Retail Business Opportunities and Absorption Analysis for Kalispell, Montana
December 2018

The research and analysis evaluated household supply and demand for retail goods and services in the City of Kalispell, Montana. The relevant trade area in the evaluation included Kalispell and the surrounding Flathead County. Retail goods and household services demand and supply were evaluated to identify both undersupplies and oversupplies. Finally, business opportunities were evaluated regarding potential commercial real estate absorption.

City of Glenwood Springs Economic Development Strategy, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
November 2018

The City of Glenwood Springs commissioned the study as a part of updating its economic development strategy to identify current economic trends impacting the city and provide strategic recommendations for its economic development programming. The study looked at six development focus areas comprised of regional trade, regional services, tourism, downtown development, community development and enhancement, and job growth and creation..

Business Development Opportunities in Glenwood Springs, CO: Real Estate Opportunities and Market Performance
July 2018

In collaboration with Garrigan & Associates under a USEPA Brownfields Grant to the City of Glenwood Springs, Development Research Partners prepared a high-level market analysis to evaluate three market sectors for business growth and real estate development opportunities. Market sectors included housing, commercial (specifically retail goods and household services), and lodging. Findings were analyzed to assess opportunities with particular focus on the highest priority site, the “Confluence” site where the Roaring Fork River joins the Colorado River.

West Florissant Avenue Corridor: Commercial Real Estate Development Opportunities, Dellwood, Missouri

This study evaluates household supply and demand for goods and services in the West West Florrisant Avenue Corridor, defined as a 1-mile radius from Florissant Avenue and Chambers Road. Metrics included retail sales and retail potential to estimate retail leakage and identify sources of untapped demand. Findings were used to find trade area opportunities and retail square feet that could be supported by aggregate household spending.

Market Analysis for 39th Street Corridor Redevelopment Project, Kansas City, Missouri
February 2016

The report provided an analysis of the market conditions in the 39th Street Corridor study area and assessed the feasibility of community-suggested ventures identified during community vision meetings. The assessment included an overview of the residential housing market and commercial retail market. The analysis utilized neighborhood demographics, retail sales, demand, and leakage to identify the retail sectors with the most potential for success. Findings were merged within the context of community-suggested ventures to lay out a potential development pathway for the city and local neighborhood council.

Huron Center, Northglenn, Colorado
March 2016

The city of Northglenn, CO engaged Development Research Partners to advise Impala Capital on developing an updated development performance and funding application to Northglenn Urban Renewal Authority (NURA). Subsequently, post-submittal, NURA engaged Development Research Partners to evaluate redevelopment and public-private partnering options, and make recommendations for a three-way development deal with partners Impala, Evergreen Partners, and NURA.

Northglenn Huron Center to see redevelopment this summer
Denver Post | April 5, 2017

NorthernMillsMarketAnalysis, Lee, Massachusetts June 2016

Development Research Partners partnered with ICF International to provide an analysis informing the environmental assessment, cleanup, and reuse of the Lee Northern Mills industrial area. The project, prepared for the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission and the U.S. EPA Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization, helped determine viable future uses for the area through identifying community priorities, local infrastructure needs, market feasibility, and environmental conditions.

Webster Lake Development Study, Northglenn, CO
November 2014

Real estate market and economic impact evaluation comparing and recommending alternative development proposals for two catalytic sites.